Where everything begun

Even If you heard just a little bit about the Brazilian culture, that’s enough for you to know that we have the most hospitable people in the world. This has certainly something to do with the fact Brazilians are really close to their families and friends. Even after when people get married, Sundays are officially dedicated to visiting mom’s home. It is to get the family together, to prepare an authentic Brazilian barbecue, where friends are always welcome. That has a lot to do with my story.

I moved to the US thirty years ago, living in Framingham MA for the most part. I can still remember working as a cook assistant at a restaurant called Chichi’s back in the day. But nineteen years and three kids later, the cold weather started to feel even colder year after year, and it was time for me and my family to write a new chapter in our lives: Moving to Florida.

Big changes always come with challenges, but also with lots of opportunities. In my case, it was easy to identify one: Acquiring a recently-opened restaurant in a convenient location where I could keep my family working together, close to me. So in 2008, Restaurante Brasil was born.

Since the very first day, the way how every food is prepared, every customer is treated and every table is cleaned is based on our three core values: 1. Excellence is key. If it’s not good enough for us, then it’s not good enough for our customer. 2. Hospitality is our secret sauce. We want every customer to feel at home, even being thousands of miles away. 3. Honesty always. No matter what. As a consequence, we’re not surprised when some of our very first customers still walk in every week.

Today, we’re happy to work as a family in two locations, Pompano Beach and Boca Raton.  We can say that every customer is treated like a friend. Because where I come from, when a family gets together to prepare the authentic Brazilian barbecue, friends are always welcome.

Anesio Lacerda,
Restaurante Brasil

  • 2007

    Anésio moves with his family to Florida

  • 2008

    Anesio buys Restaurante Brasil

  • 2013

    Restaurante Brasil opens in Boca Raton

  • 2019

    Restaurate Brasil has its brand refreshed